onsdag den 12. september 2007

First Step...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! This blog will feature updates and news from the production of "BIG MAN", an animated graduation film from The Danish Film School.
The film is about a freak of a man. Big as a tree, strong as an ox, but with the mind of a child. He has grown up, and lived his entire life on the outskirts of a small mexican village, alone with his tiny mom. When she dies, BIG MAN has to go to town for the first time in his life, in order to give his mom a propper burial. But his encounter with the villagers doesn't play out well, and BIG MAN has to face down both a selfserverving priest, a weakwilled sheriff and a posse of triggerhappy deputies before he can hope to put his mother in the ground.

The film is directed by Cav Bøgelund, co-directed and designed by Andreas Monty Freddie, produced by Cladia Siesbye. With a screenplay by Tobias Lindholm, sound-design by Frank Mølgaard and animation by the talented students from The Animation Workshop in Viborg.

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